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Ronald Wobig


Ronald Wobig, MD

Dr. Ronald Wobig is an Oregon native, and has always considered it his home.  He graduated from Sunset High School and began his college education in California. When Dr. Wobig returned to Oregon, he was accepted to Oregon Health Sciences University, for both medical school as well as orthopedic surgery residency https://indiaviagra.net/kamagra-india/.  The determination and focus of athletics, as well as the mechanical nature of the human body, drove him to a sports medicine subspecialty fellowship.  He was fortunate to be able to come to the Mid-Willamette Valley, and begin his practice.

Dr. Wobig has been in private practice since 1999, and has served as an orthopedic team physician at Oregon State University, and been involved with high school athletics and local sport teams and organizations.  He enjoys many different recreational sports, as well as working outdoors in his spare time.  It is his desire to bring informative, personal, expedient care to his patients.  With in-office digital x-ray/MRI, electronic health system, ambulatory surgery center, and exceptional staff and facilities, he has strived to make Beaver Sports Medicine the premiere, independent, specialized place for sports medicine and orthopedic care of athletes and individuals throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Education and Training

Bachelor’s Degree
Medical Degree
Orthopedic Residency
Sports Medicine Fellowship
Board Certification
Board Re-certification
Pepperdine University 86’
Oregon Health Sciences University 93’
Oregon Health Sciences University 98’
LSU/American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine 99’
American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons 02’
American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons 12’


Orthopedics: a specialty that treats deformities or functional impairments of the bones and joints and associated muscles and ligaments. Orthopedic surgeons use both surgical and Wobig-Scrubsnonsurgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors and congenital conditions.


  • Sports Medicine: a specialty that deals with prevention, diagnosing and treating injuries related to participating in sports and/or exercise.  Specifically it treats the rotation or deformation of joints or muscles caused by the strenuous and repetitive nature of regular rigorous activity.
  • Shoulder, knee, elbow and ankle injuries
  • Knee ligament reconstruction
  • Shoulder instability
  • Patellar instability
  • Rotator cuff repair