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A well trained athlete knows that there is more to the game than what you do on the field. Mental and physical preparation are key components to winning; and finding balance in your training can improve your game in more ways than one.

PT 1Training for collegiate, high school and young athletes at Beaver Sports Medicine can be focused on preparing individuals or teams.  BSM looks at each athlete to get the most out of their bodies by increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility, in order to increase productivity and decrease injury.  Athletes work one on one or in small groups with athletic trainers to ensure training is done correctly and efficiently.

Getting Started: It’s FREE!

Meet one on one to design your personalized training program with one of our fitness professionals:

• Initial evaluation including goal setting, strength and flexibility testing.

•  Program design specific to meet your individual needs of strength, power, conditioning, vertical jump, flexibility, etc

Become a well-rounded athlete with these off the field training techniques:

  • Boxing glovesUse an exercise ball to improve balance and decrease balance related injuries.
  • Try yoga for more flexibility, balance and concentration.
  • Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders.
  • Pilates can help improve balance, coordination and flexibility.




Set up an appointment with one of our certified athletic trainers and get a custom plan for your goals on and off the court.

PT trx

Individual one hour session $35


   10 one hour sessions $300 (save $50!)

   20 one hour sessions $500 (save $200!)