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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

The physical rehabilitation team here at Beaver Sports Medicine includes highly trained athletic trainers and physical therapists with extensive backgrounds in sports medicine and orthopedic injuries. Whether you are returning to work, sports, or just daily activities, our focus is on your needs.

We understand that each patient is different and it is our goal to provide individualized rehabilitation to meet your specific goals.

Initially, our physical therapist will perform your initial evaluation and base the plan of care on your goals and the examination findings. Justin Meier, doctor of physical therapy, who is our director of rehabilitation evaluates and treats patients with a common sense approach backed by the most update and evidence based evaluation procedures, treatment interventions, strengthening programs and rehabilitation techniques. His focus is to provide you with accelerated rehabilitation and optimal outcomes. Your rehabilitation will then be a coordinated effort between you, your therapist and the rest of the rehabilitation team.

Together, we strive to go above and beyond to provide you with the best rehabilitation experience available.

Visit www.APTA.org to learn more about board certified physical therapists.