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Week of 12/14/2015

Tips for eating healthier during the holiday’s

1. When eating a salad, choose low-fat dressings, don’t pour your dressing on the salad. Dip your fork in the dressing and the take a bite of your salad generic cialis india. You will find out you eat far less dressing and will save on calories.

2. When cooking with ground beef, drain the excess grease out of the pan and then run warm water through a strainer to eliminate more grease. You can decrease fat content by another 20%.

3. Only put a half of your normal serving on your dinner plate. Wait an hour and if your still hungry, then eat just a little more.

4. Eating 4-5 times a day of small snacks can decrease your lunch and dinner portions. For ideal weight loss, eating every three hours (banana, apple or veggies) will spark your metabolism and leaving you more satisfied and wanting lees to eat. Over starvation (waiting to long before meals) only makes you want more food.

5. When grocery shopping, shop around the walls and avoid buying food in the aisle. Food around the walls are generally fruits and vegetables and meats. The aisle’s contain processed and higher caloric foods.

Week of 12/7/2015

Here is something interesting with the upcoming change in weather, is exercising in the cold bad for your body?

Exercising in Cold Weather