Athletic Training in Corvallis, Oregon

Athletic Trainers caring for sports injuries

At Beaver Sports Medicine we utilize certified athletic trainers (ATC) that are highly skilled and efficient in performing musculoskeletal exams, surgical education and rehabilitation. ATCs understand the athletic mindset which is crucial for communicating with athletes, coaches, parents and agents.

Certified athletic trainers (ATC) take on several different roles at Beaver Sports Medicine. Without your traditional athletic department, athletic training room, or physical therapy clinic duties, our ATCs daily responsibilities are a combination of physician extender and secondary sports medicine coverage at local high schools, clubs, and community colleges.

The combination of physician extender clinical duties mixed with secondary school sports medicine coverage is what makes our positions unique. We work alongside the surgical staff at BSM Surgery Center to provide continuity of care to all of our athletes and patients.

When you check in to your appointment at Beaver Sports Medicine one of our ATCs will escort you to your room. Our ATC will then fit you with any necessary braces, splints, or crutches at your pre-op appointment. When you check in for surgery downstairs at BSM Surgery Center, one of our ATCs will greet you and make sure that you have any necessary post-operative crutches, braces, and cold therapy ready when you leave the surgery center. Before you check out, an ATC will meet with you and your family to go over any home exercises and answer any questions may you have.

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